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Transmarchilay S.A. It is a sea freight and passenger transport company that, since 1971, connects insular and continental Chile. It operates exclusively at the crossing of the Chacao Canal to reach Chiloé (Pargua-Chacao route and vice versa), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year. It has four vessels: Ruende, Trehuaco, El Trauco and Camahueto.

For the convenience of passengers, their ships are equipped with cafeteria, passenger lounge, bathrooms, television, on-board Wi-Fi service and electronic invoicing.

In addition, through its subsidiaries Naviera Puelche, Transportes Puelche, Naviera Austral and Transporte Austral participates in the Calbuco-Puluqui Island, Maullín-La Pasada Route, Tagua Tagua Lake Route, Bimodal Route (Caleta La Arena- Caleta Puelche, Hornopiren- Leptepu, Fjord Largo-Caleta Gonzalo), Chaitén Route (Puerto Montt-Ayacara-Chaitén), Chiloé Route (Chaitén-Quellón), Cordillera Route (Quellón-Melinka-Raúl Marín-Balmaceda-Sto. Domingo- Melimoyu-P. Gala- P. Swans-P.Gaviota-P.Aguirre-P.Chacabuco).

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a regular, reliable, safe, efficient and high-quality, regular service every day in the transportation of passengers, cargo and vehicles, connecting residents and businesses of the Isla Grande de Chiloé with the mainland, as well as also promoting tourism on the island, promoting the various tourist attractions of the Region.

Corporate CorporateTransmarchilay Company

The role of Transmarchilay within society, specifically as regards the connectivity of the Isla Grande de Chiloé, is to provide an excellent service to our passengers, maintain a continuous concern for the community and its development, create lasting bonds based in mutual trust with our suppliers, contribute to the well-being of our workers and their families, and permanently take care of the environment.

Commercial Identification

Main Executives

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