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Fleet Transmarchilay

This service connects the large island of Chiloé with the mainland and is served regularly by Ferries Ruende, Trehuaco, Camahueto and El Trauco 24 hours a day. The navigation has a duration of 35 minutes and no prior reservation is required, since the service is by order of arrival.

Ferry Ruende

Built in 2000 in Valdivia, it was acquired and refurbished by Transmarchilay in 2009. Ferry Ruende has comfortable circulation spaces and a passenger room for 40 people, with cafeteria and dining room service, as well as on-board WI-FI service. Add to this six bathrooms, plus one for people with disabilities.

Technical Specifications: Engine power 365 Hp x 4 (total 1460 Hp) / Maximum speed 12.0 knots / TRG 591 tons. / Strut 2.8 meters. / Length 68.0 meters. / Sleeve 14.6 meters. / Linear meters 220 meters. (app. 50 cars)