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To have a good travel experience, we recommend paying attention to some indications.


The rampla service is operated by Empormontt. The ramps available at PARGUA are "Pargua" and "Punta Coronel". You can board any rampla that is available for boarding. Access is made in order of arrival.

On board

Once embarked, passengers on board their vehicles may remain inside them during the entire sea voyage. If you wish, you can tour the ferry premises. Passengers may travel freely through the duly marked areas. Passenger areas and decks have signage for added security. Follow these instructions.

Project Loads

For special trips contact us at


The WIFI internet connection is available in our 4 boats. Free access and free.

Amenities in your trip

To make your travel experience more comforting, Transmarchilay has the following services on board:

Electronic bill


Passenger Room



Comfortable bathrooms

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