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Tourism in Chiloé

Chiloé Heritage Churches

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Dog that lives at the bottom of a lagoon near Yaldad. Through a ritual the lagoon opens to expose this mythical dog, with dark and shiny fur, who leaves the lagoon to possess the woman who claims it. Cárdenas Álvarez, Renato 1997. The book of mythology, stories, legends and magical beliefs obtained from the oral tradition. Source: Ancud Regional Museum



“Character that lives in the woods. He is small, stubborn and contracted, he covers a body of a voqui suit and he wears quilineja leaves on his head. (…) His greatest grace is to muddle, embolish people so that they get lost or make them trip, taking advantage of their quality of becoming invisible. ” Plath, Oreste 1973. Geography of the Chilean myth and legend.



“He is born in the rivers and lives in them, until he grows up he emigrates to the sea. (…) It can tear from its foundations half a hill and drag it with it into the sea. His horn is ambitious, which serves to prepare medicines. ” Plath, Oreste 1973. Geography of the Chilean myth and legend. “Born from the depths of the earth, on top of a hill next to the sea. It has the appearance of a green calf, with a single small horn in the forehead (…) It comes out with such force and crash, that it



“La Fiura, the only daughter of the Condemned, is the wife of virile Thrauco, but this does not prevent her from offering her love to all the men to whom she imposes, as a severe condition,” to accept her with her eyes closed. ” He admits no look, not even that of the animals without instantly applying his punishment: The bold who dared to look at her will be crooked somewhere in his body. If the person looking at it is a child or an animal, it usually deforms the limbs, making it impossible for them to march, “the tulle.”