Turismo en  Chiloé


“He is born in the rivers and lives in them, until he grows up he emigrates to the sea. (…) It can tear from its foundations half a hill and drag it with it into the sea.
His horn is ambitious, which serves to prepare medicines. ”
Plath, Oreste 1973. Geography of the Chilean myth and legend.

“Born from the depths of the earth, on top of a hill next to the sea. It has the appearance of a green calf, with a single small horn in the forehead (…) It comes out with such force and crash, that it leaves a hole in the form of a matrix, at whose bottom a stream runs; it drags, in its path, a large number of trees, rocks and land, trying to reach the sea quickly, where it will reach its adult state and live the rest of its existence. ”
Quintana, Bernardo 1972. Mythological Chiloé.

Source: Ancud Regional Museum

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