Turismo en  Chiloé


In the city of Castro you can visit the Church of San Francisco, the largest on the island; the Castro Regional Museum that has a collection of typical Chiloé objects, related to the culture of wood; The Costanera del Puerto is an artisanal and commercial complex, there are premises of the Artisan Fair, in addition to the cooking palafitos. In the Mirador Barrio Gamboa, located in the southern access to Castro it is possible to observe a panoramic view of the characteristic palafitos of Chiloé. In the Mirador Cerro Millantuy meanwhile, it is possible to appreciate the fjord and bay of the city; The Calle Lillo Artisan Fair is a shopping center where typical chilotes products are offered such as kitchen utensils, woodwork and wool vests. Between posts there are palafitos cooks that offer casseroles, fish and seafood. During the summer they offer curanto. Finally, the Ten Ten Viewpoint, located on the hill of the same name, is a family recreation point where it is possible to observe in a panoramic view the city of Castro, the port, the bay sector and its urban development.

Source: Friends of the Chiloé Churches Foundation

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