Turismo en  Chiloé


It is located 195 kilometers from Puerto Montt and it is possible to visit the viewpoints of La Gruta de Lourdes, Puchilco, Camino Cortado, Cerro “La Mona”, Lagunas de Puchilco and “Los Cuervos”, the beaches of Guiñai , Marico and Aldachildo.

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Curaco de Veléz

In Curaco de Vélez you can visit, Mirador de Changüitad, the Galvarino Riveros Museum, the Street Houses, Las Ostras, Los Molinos, The Black Neck Swans and the artisans of the road.

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It is located 173 kilometers from Puerto Montt and among its attractions are the viewpoints of La Paloma, Putique, Quinchao, the Achao Church, the Achao evangelization museums, the Chaulinec Islands Group, Quenac Islands Group, the Lin Lin Island, Llingua Island, Quinchao Church and the Piedra de Achao viewpoint.

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It is located 144 kilometers from Puerto Montt, northeast of the Isla Grande de Chiloé. Among its main attractions is Punta Piquén, which allows you to take a walk along the Quemchinas beaches, with pangales and thick foliage, nestled on the Caucahue Channel (‘place of large seagulls’), an island located in front of Quemchi. You can access it by boat and get to know Punta Morros Lobos, where wild birds live, Punta Pinquen, Punta Pescuezo, which has ample sand and a natural tidal pool, Queler and the Estero Tubildad. Queler is located on Caucahue Island, 10 minutes by boat from

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It is located 251 kilometers from Puerto Montt, it is the terminal town of the Pan-American highway with great industrial and fishing activity. In its waterfront you can know the dock and a large number of boats, loaded with seafood such as clams and hedgehogs. The Port of Quellón is the main port of the Island of Chiloé and the southernmost. Receive all the product of the seafood collection that takes place in this part of the island. The Municipal Museum is located in the center, next to the botanical park and in it the historical past of the city

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