Turismo en  Chiloé


It is located 187 kilometers from Puerto Montt and on a visit it is possible to tour its Cemetery, with its traditional niches ‘casitas’; the San Carlos de Borromeo Church, located in the Plaza and whose main festival takes place on November 4. It was completed in 1859, when it was renovated in neoclassical style, designed according to the classic patterns of the Chilota School of Religious Architecture in wood. The Museum of Traditions is a house of the early twentieth century set with furniture and ornaments from the 20s donated by Chonchina families that recreates the interior environments of

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Founded in 1743, it is located on the island of Quinchao. Annually the first weekend of February the Encounter of the islands of the Archipelago is held, where the folklore of the nearby communes and the 10 islands that are part of its administration meets.

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It is located 152 kilometers from Puerto Montt and its most tourist places are the Shipyard, where carpenters work in the construction of boats, following the traditional construction techniques of the Island. Another must-see in Dalcahue is the Historical Anthropological Ethnographic Museum , dedicated to the chonos and huilliches peoples. It shows the use of wood in handicrafts, folk instruments, collections of ceramics, coins, wildlife and photographs of landscapes and people. On the Costanera is where the largest activity of the town is carried out, especially that related to trade, in addition to this sector is the Dalcahue Cultural Center.

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Among the main attractions of Ancud, is the Plaza San Carlos, located in the center of the city. Next to this, there is the Regional Museum of Ancud or Blue Museum, oriented mainly to the conservation and dissemination of the cultural heritage of the inhabitants of the islands. Its building consists of an exact replica of six Spanish towers with a central square.

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In the city of Castro you can visit the Church of San Francisco, the largest on the island; the Castro Regional Museum that has a collection of typical Chiloé objects, related to the culture of wood; The Costanera del Puerto is an artisanal and commercial complex, there are premises of the Artisan Fair, in addition to the cooking palafitos. In the Mirador Barrio Gamboa, located in the southern access to Castro it is possible to observe a panoramic view of the characteristic palafitos of Chiloé. In the Mirador Cerro Millantuy meanwhile, it is possible to appreciate the fjord and bay

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